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It’s only natural that when you’re taking the big step of becoming a Lord, Laird or Lady of Loch Ness, you’ll have a lot of questions to ask.

We’ve put together a list of the questions most frequently asked by our noble customers, along with our answers, which we hope will cover all you need to know.

If we haven’t answered a particular question you may have, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

What is a ‘Lord or Lady of Loch Ness?

A Lord or Lady of Loch Ness title is a fun and novelty gift that allows you to style yourself as a Lord or Lady. It is not an official peerage title, it is a unique and enjoyable connection to Loch Ness. You don’t have any legal privileges or responsibilities associated with this title.

What does the purchase include?

When you purchase a ‘Lord or Lady of Loch Ness’ title, you’ll receive a certificate that allows you to style yourself as a Lord or Lady. Additionally, you’ll get a beautiful souvenir plot of land overlooking Loch Ness, it’s a  great way to support the environment and wildlife that makes Loch Ness such a special place.

Can I visit the land I purchased?

While you won’t have exclusive access to the land you are welcome to visit the location if you plan to be in the Loch Ness area. You will have a souvenir plot that is not for official land use or development… It’s a symbolic gesture and you won’t have exclusive rights to the entire area and situated in a beautiful spot and owned by the organisation offering the title.

Can I pass this title to my heirs or sell the land?

Yes you can pass the title and the souvenir plot of land to your heirs, but you cannot legally sell the land as it’s a symbolic gift and not an official property deed. Please refer to our website for admin charges relating to the transfer of title and land.

Can I legally change my title on identification documents with this purchase?

The ability to change your title on official documents, such as passports or driver’s licenses, may vary from country to country. In most cases, this purchase provides a novelty and fun title for personal use, but it does not confer any legal authority to change your official identification documents. To make any such changes, you should consult your country’s relevant authorities for guidance.

Can I use this title for special occasions or events, like weddings or parties?

Absolutely, you can use your Lord or Lady of Loch Ness Title for special occasions and events. It can be a unique and fun addition to celebrations and gatherings.

Is there a registration process for this title?

There is no official registration process. Once you make your purchase you’ll receive your certificate and can start using it straight away.

Do I need to pay property taxes on my land?

No, you won’t be responsible for property taxes on your souvenir plot of land. The organisation offering the title handles any associated costs. There are no annual fees or subscriptions associated with the title purchase. It’s a one-time cost that includes your certificate and souvenir plot of land.

Can I pick the location of my souvenir plot?

The specific location of your souvenir plot may vary, but it will have tranquil surroundings overlooking Loch Ness. In a natural woodland covered with trees, it can be difficult to identify a specific spot. However, we are working on a special project to enhance your experience. We will soon be siting engraved plaques that will be engraved with your title on our woodland trees. This way, your title will remain forever in Scotland adding to the uniqueness of your connection to Loch Ness.

How long does it take to receive my certificate?

For overseas customers you can typically expect to receive your certificate within two weeks of making a purchase. Our presentation packs are sent to Royal Mail Standard. Please refer to our website dates relating to Christmas and Black Friday events.  For UK domestic customers, certificates are processed and posted within one day of the order.

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